Wailele Farm Stand

Twin Falls Farm Stand is the perfect spot to stop for a fresh smoothie and some snacks when beginning your journey along the Road to Hana.

coconut candy and chips
coconut candy and chips

Coconut Candy & Chips

Hand made on Maui, these coconut treats will keep you going while you have an adventure out here either swimming, hiking, or driving to Hana.


Fresh Squeezed Sugarcane Juice

Taste sugarcane from the source, as fresh cane is pressed in front of your eyes. This unforgettable treat is tasty and nutritious.

banana bread

Banana Bread

Delicious Banana Bread that has Become World Famous from over a Decade of using the same Family Recipe.


Fruit Smoothies

Made with sugarcane juice and local fruit, you can't get a fresher drink anywhere!


Coconuts for Drinking

Put that Gatorade away, and we'll chop open a fresh coconut for you with a straw. Natural electrolites and a delicious treat.

fresh fruit

Fresh, Locally Grown Fruit

Mangos, papayas, apple bananas, Maui Gold pineapples, avocados, and lychee are a few of the many seasonal fruit varieties you can pick up at our farm stand.



Passionfruit is known as Lilikoi in Hawaii, and we feel it deserves its own category. It's incredibly versatile, often being used in cocktails, in cooking, and is just as delicious straight from the tree.

Come get a taste of what locally grown and Made on Maui is all about.
*some fruit is seasonal and may not be available year-round